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Crabby CatchUp Time...

Still can't use my keyboard properly, but am now able to keep up with reading stuff. Have been riveted by the exotic descriptions and photos of cleanskies ' astonishing hen party. Jeez!
The painter is still doing bits & bobs. The lino is so poorly laid that I think there is going to be A Problem.*Sigh*...It would be very nice to have something go relatively smoothly at this point. I am soooo feckin' exhausted. BTVision isn frelled yet again, too.And the phone.
I got a nice pack of minis from the industrious andyluke , which I don't,alas, have time to gush about at the moment.
Interesting conversation on the bus, t'other day; two scholarly looking older men discussing Thomas Mann and his 'longings'. Wish I could have heard better.
Also on the bus, on the way up Whitehall, you can see the  Trafalgar Square 
plinth people in the distance. I was surprised by what appeared to be a couple engaged in doggie-style congress, thinking well, it's good that people are carrying on their hours on display  uncensored...Coming closer, of course, I realised it was one bloke on a stationary bike. I should wear my specs outdoors, really.
What's all this about giant flying carnivorous squid attacks, then? I'm sure they're holding something back. It got surprisingly little coverage.
I spent another fout hours in Kings College Hospital, Friday. I don't have a lot of confidence in the guy I'm seeing. After 90 minutes wait, he just asks questions he's asked several times before, and sends me off for more blood tests, which I had last time. I really don't think I want 'his knife in my glands', I'm going to come out with it next time,and ask if he's the one who would actually be doing my op. Again, I don't have time to go into it, now, but his manner is very peculiar and dozy, and he just seems generally incompetent. Meh.

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