Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Sunday Morning...

I'm sat here in a very cosy Portuguese cafe, which I've really just discovered. Didn't know it had internet , barely knew it was here.It's nice, really. Lots of those lush-looking pastries, and the coffee's very good. I had been headed to the other posh (squid an hour-) place, but they're closed Sunday mornings.
I've been thinking of investing in a cheap notebook, Acer or Asus, so that I can hang around in cafes and park benches  pretending to be wotsername (Harry Potter woman...Dementia ahoy!)
My legs seem to be getting weaker and more painful by the day. I suppose it's 'just' some psychological thing, but it sure is scary, not to mention debilitating.
Still piles and piles of shit to shift at home. I've sent at least ten sacks to the charity shop, but there's so much more...and all the stuff  I aimed to make use of sometime, and have now just thrown out in despair (odd-shaped bits of wood, etc...) I really want to de-clutter as best I can, now that I've started. For one thing, I don't want to leave behind a big 'house of horrors' mess when I die/get carted off to some council 'home'- for some unfortunates to have to sift through.  My 'artwork'  diaries, notebooks and 'tsatchkes' (sp?) are junk enuff for anyone. My sister's ordeal in my mother's hovel full of hoarded rubbish haunts me.
Oh bugger, it's getting sunny and hot. There was actually a piece in the paper the other day about people with summer SAD. Seems there are a fair number of us. although it always seems to amaze heat-lovers.

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