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Many Happy Returns to rozk !

In other news; I be pissed off at R Next Door. She fussed and fussed about how she needed my now-redundant old bookcases,so the painters left them for her, and I said I would help her carry them in. She didnt (this keyboard has no apostrophe!) answer the door or reply to notes, and after the Camberwell fire, the caretakers are being really strict about stuff left in the communal areas... The poor decorators got hassled several times, but I insisted shed definitely take them...Last night she finally came round and said she wasnt able to fit them inside after all. Grrrrrr! She cant help it, of course, shes doolally, but I really felt bad about the guys being pestered about it, and then having to schlep the cases downstairs, after all.
The shelves are looking pretty good. I cant wait to see them finished. Should be all done in there, Saturday...Then I have the fun of getting sacks and sacks of dust-encrusted books and comics onto them.
Ive just had a filling replaced by yet another new dentist. He says next time it falls out, Ill probably have to have a crown, and that may well involve root canal... Wibble!

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