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SpongeBob Squarepants Outed

I'm trying to do a link, but can't figure out how...Duh, anyway, it's on , with lots of other smut and stuff. I never realised SpongeBob had ever been 'in', actually...
Just had Renate dropping by to borrow the 'sholley' (and see if I've totally flipped out ,yet-) Too much information about BooBoo's current anal gland problem. (That poor fucking creature-)
My back hurts and I feel very mental. Sometimes I get these feelings that living in a complete fantasy world is wrong .(They always pass really quickly, though!)
Oh Christ, I was just having these bizarre 'romance' fantasies that keep hitting me lately when this -you can only call it sweet- Moomin illo appeared in my post.( I shouldn't be given this sort of encouragement...)

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