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Inferrrno!!! Hahhhh Ha Hah...(Enter Buttock-faced Demons)

Can you believe it, Coffin Joe is back!  These are amongst the most bizarre and grotesque films I've ever seen, and a new one is on its way to the ICA. *Choke*

I'm actually still watching BIG BROTHER because I am a pathetic, hopeless eejit. Whingeing Sree got the chop last night. The effect on the equally irritating Freddie/'Halfwit' of his weekly nominations seems to be turning him hardfaced and thoughtful. This could get (a bit) interesting.
Too bad about evicting Angel last week, though. She was a fatphobic body fascist, but splendid telly, at least compared to the rest of the housemates.
My bedroom's sort of done, and it looks good,if  rather unnervingly sober and 'grown up',. It seems they've broken the door on the big wardrobe in shifting it, though. Jeez, I hope it can be fixed.I can't really afford a new one.
Still way too hot for my taste, but I'm sure it was an ideal day for Pride, and hope all the participants had a good 'un.

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