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Toilet TMI...

At very long last, I  have tried out the Clos-O-Mat (which was installed by a very Bluto-esque person with tattoos all over.Wonder what it's like being a Clos-O-Mat  greebo, explaining the thing's functions to the old duffers of the world?)
Anyway, you just do yer thing, press the flush, and keep pressing- then, WHOOSH, a fierce volley of water goes straight up your 'down there' orifices, followed by warm 'drying' air puffs It's actually quite alarming, but I expect I'll quickly get used it. Ever so posh, really. I consider myself quite fortunate, to have been given a whole new bathroom, instead of just the shower I expected. I now have the cleanest parts on Wandsworth Road.
Decorator was here measuring, too. They may start next Wednesday...

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