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The shower, thank the gods, is working, after further contractor fiddling. I'm just too weary to write about it.Feh...
I couldn't get out until the afternoon, to schlep around the supermarkets, and now I'm waiting for R Next Door to collect her groceries, so I can goback into the shower, for a moment of bliss, or two, ere it conks out again.
BT vision is still not working. I get phone calls from them saying the fault is on their side, and they'll ring back and they don't, etc. etc. They better not bill me for that engineer visit, boy. How I wish I'd stuck with AOL, crumby as I though that was.
I've been reading 2666 for about a month, now, (when I'm not reading other stuff) but have only got to about page 50, and haven't got into it...Oh well, I think the murder stuff is starting, now, maybe I'll be enthralled.
They're still putting down new paving stones downstairs, and I'm choking on that dust, and all. Argh.

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