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Oh, The Exhaustion...

I am nearly two weeks from my last proper, not-standing at the kitchen sink- ablutions.I feel like PigPen and I'm afraid to stand too close to anyone The dust is really doing me damage, and I'm trying to clear some bookshelves in anticipation of the next round of upheaval. I feel BAD... Must keep reminding myself how cool it's gonna be once everything is sorted.
For instance, I have this actual movie star bidet thing, a  'Clos-o-Mat' which seems to come as a package with the shower. It doesn't work properly yet, of course, but theoretically, it washes your parts when you've done your biznis, at the touch of a button. I'm considering charging admission to visitors.
Everything was supposed to be done yesterday, but the electricians said they'd have to finish today, only they didn't come... and Remus has just arrived (It's after 3-) to finish off  some of the other bits and pieces.
I'm watching the final series of BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA and my concentration isn't really up to it. It's riveting, but I'm not sure what's going on.  I was also most astounded, the other day, to find myself very impressed by a John Wayne (Yuck-) Westem (NOT my genre, as a rule...),RED RIVER. I only saw about half an hour of it, while waiting to do something or other, and thought Hey, wow...The music was grand, and it was reallyatmospheric, action-packed and stuff. Must see the whole thing.

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