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Flame-Haired Madwoman...

Catching up on more stuff I'd taped...I was quite unnerved by a Werner Herzog 'documentary' concerning the mad madrigal-meister Gesualdo,MURDER IN FIVE VOICES. It was just too creepy to be true, the characters interviewed far too colourful-especially this rather gorgeous red-haired woman in a black evening gown, who was 'discovered' singing eerily and sailing downstairs in one of Gesualdo's palaces.It was claimed she's an opera singer who went mad and now wafts around believing she's the scary composer's murdered wife. She was too fantastic to possibly be real, and just thinking about her gives me the shivers.
I also caught a fascinating film THE REFLECTING SKIN on BBC4, about images of black people in western art, very thought-provoking and bloody gorgeous. There was a good segment about Black Madonnas (one of my fave hobby-horses-),too. There's a lovely one in Willesden, and I've never been to see it yet...I have been to the Hindu temple out that way, though...
Ha, got the Radio Times this morning, and it looks like Trevor and Tom are gonna fry next week in E'ENDERS -not in the nightclub, though. ( Well, I guess it has burned down once already...) I do hope Jamie's not gonna die, though. How much can Sonia take, for God's sake?
I've applied to be in a ch4 programme called THE FARM, where 'badly out of shape' volunteers will be observed being made-over in a plush health farm for (Wo!) four weeks. Yes! Me! I'll be your Rik Waller, Talkback Productions! Choose Meeeee! I'm ready, Mr deMille...

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