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US Embassy Creepiness...

I had to get yet another document relating to my late mother notarised, and was so afeared of going there that I hardly slept. Had to go really early, and ride steamy smelly rush hour buses. I only had to walk from Bond St to Grosvenor Square, but it was agony. I had to keep stopping 'cos my joints hurt so much. Jesus, how will I ever travel again? Bum.
Anyway, there were pig-eyed guards with big guns prowling about, which I didn't see last time I was there, I didn't have to wait long,at least, and nothing to scary happened...I don't know what I expect to they're going to nab me and send me back, or assassinate me for relinquishing my citizenship thirty odd years ago, or something?...Reminds me of Nureyev thinking they were going to 'get him' for defecting from Russia, decades later. Mind you, the paranoia was probably a bit more realistic in his case.
It's horribly, horribly hot, and all, but they say it might get cooler tomorrow. I'm afraid this summer is going to sizzle. Gah.
Lots of strange, sad stuff in the news, like the big mystery plane crash into the sea, and the couple jumping off Beachy Head with the body of their kid, who had died of meningitis, in a backpack. Jeezus
There's also the continuing collapse of the entire parliamentary system in a welter of corruption, and all. Especially amazing was the item this morning about  the PM in the midst of it all, taking time to check up on the emotional condition of poor old Susan Boyle after her (Surprise!) meltdown. I honestly don't know if Brown's action is a good or bad thing... It's a kinda weird thing, though.
It looks like they might be starting on the bathroom a few days early, so I have to take everything off the walls, etc. tonight. Still, the sooner it's started the sooner it's done, I guess. Fingers crossed....

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