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Weird, Sad Salesmen....

I've been shopping around to see if I could use part of my inheritance to get a nice, comfy, extra-large recliner. Not much luck so far, as the prices are insane, for something I don't even particularly want...I'd just as soon buy an NHS-style, ugly one, for a more 'reasonable' amount.
One very annoying thing I've found is that they won't just give you an estimate on the phone, but insist on visiting, to give you the hard sell..even stranger is the fact that these guys,( who seem to model themselves on 'Ol' Gil', via Jack Lemmon in GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS -), don't even do a proper hard sell, they leave thir samples behind, don't have a tape measure, etc. etc. The bloke yesterday even had a bit of tissue on a shaving cut! True fact.
I had another sodding nosebleed today; third this week, and this was a bad one, i was dripping over the sink for about ten minutes, and nosebleeds FREAK ME OUT I always think they mean you're going to die.
Oh well, thank the gods it didn't happen in the street.
I stand corrected about EASTENDERS Hevver's medical shock being obesity-related. She's only going to have a bay-bay, in time-honoured Square tradition of getting up the duff from your first-ever, or an extremely rare, and/or inappropriate unprotected coupling...My money's on George Michael in a drug-crazed frenzy.

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