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Crackin' Stuff...

I love the Wellcome Collection. They've got two really superb exhibitions on at the moment. One features some of the daily diary drawings of performance artist Bobby Brown during a period where she had to cope with bouts of extreme depression and anxiety, knee replacements, breast cancer, her ancient mother's death, and family financial worries.
They're lovely delicate sketches, watercolour, mostly, and very funny as well as moving. I liked it so much I may go back again before it closes in August.
Madness & Modernity is smaller, but just as fascinating, dealing with the influences of early psychiatry on the emerging modernism of early 20th century art and architecture. I was particularly drawn by the film of  Otto Wagner's beautiful Steinhof psychiatric hospital , which is still in use. Its stunningly gorgeous chapel has recently  been restored. They can chuck me in there right now.

They also have an amazing permanent collection, a nice bookshop, and a cheerful cafe. I've never bought anything, but it looks like a pleasant place to hang for a while. The library looks really good, too. i may join up. (All free!)

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