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Bun-Faced Frump Can Sing Shock....

There's  no end of faff about the latest YouTube sensation Susan Boyle. I didn't see the actual TV show, but was disgusted by  the judge and audience reaction of  sniggering and eyerolling when the  dumpy yokel appeared onstage. She then let rip with her  impressively powerful and fresh youthful voice, and everyone was flabbergasted. Why? How many of the great vocalists have been conventional beauties? Caruso? Joan Sutherland?  The noxious Piers Morgan then 'praised' Boyle by smarming. 'Everyone was laughing when you came on. Well, they're not laughing now'. Nice of him/them!  Will it ever be possible for  people not to be judged immediately on appearance?  (As one who's suffered all my life because of this fact, I must admit that I'm as 'guilty' as anyone else...)

Another disturbing news story was the one about the guy with a tree growing in his lung. As I child, of course. I firmly believed that if you swallowed a fruit pip, this could happen to you...Oh dear....

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