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Too Warm!

It's only bloody April, dammit!  Humidity seems to make my knees hurt exra-tremendously, too. Bah.
I managed o switch modems, full of fear and trembling, but so far, I don't like BT internet.I didn't like AOL either, but  the 'favourites' , email, and  surfing were much quicker, and it was handy having the lady tell you when you had a new enmail.
Watched the last of BG season 4. Oh dear! Harsh....
The concierge's decorator pal came around and had a look. No quote yet. He sounded eastern European, which 'they say' is a sign of a good worker, blah, blah. I need to get some other estimates, and decide if it can be afforded at all...
My dreams are so spectacularly crazy and colourful, these days, and last night, I had such a sweet little romance, in Munich, I think. It was  corny but delightful. I was also young, fit and presentable, which is always such a pleasure...

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