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Holiday Ennui...

Due to the reduced concierge service, yoofs keep strolling in (the downstairs doors aren't working...) and breaking windows, etc, which no doubt cost at least as much to replace as paying for the concierge hours they've cut. I was talking to the English-speaking concierge, who was doing one of his rare shifts today, and asked if he knew any reasonable decorators around here. So someone he knows is going to come round and give me a quote. Ball rolling at last.
It was hideously humid today and they had the heat on in the bus! Agony...I had to do the shopping and thought I was going to faint in ASDA, which was very crowded, so I didn't force myself on to LIDL. If anyone's interested, though.I think they still have the unicycles on special offer.
There's f-all on telly again, so I guess I'm going to have to check out KING ARTHUR despite the involvement of Kiera Knightley.

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