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When I'm sizzling in Hell, I'll doubtless regret all the time I spent gawping at things like THE INCREDIBLE HULK. God it's poor.Soooo dull, and a frightful waste of some good actors. It perks up a bit for the climactic punch-up between Hulk and Abomination, but even here, the GCI was pretty underwhelming. The Ang Lee effort was bloody better than this!

From ridiculous to kinda sublime: If anyone actually hasn't seen Tourneur's spiffing NIGHT OF THE DEMON, It's on at about 2 AM this morning BBC 2. Record it. It's good.

My sis seems to be coming along OK, so far; fingers crossed, and thanks to those who've been praying and vibing.

Dreams of being menaced by a maniacally grinning Fred West with an oily wrench, and cackling Rose; serves me right for pervishly  reading that bad book.

EASTENDERS Archie was terrorised by Phil, who didn't kill him, as ordered by Peggy, since he's far too good a villain to eliminate for good.
Peggy was really pissed off, though, and told Phil to get aht of her pub.

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