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Static Storm !

That's my frighteningly spot-on Goth name from
Bloody hell- I didn't even go to the launderette this morning I was so ennervated after yesterday; (which means I'll haveta go tomorrow; hell!)
I've been reading the broadsheets, and gawping at stuff I taped, all day. Saw an excellent film about a guy having a breakdown, WHATEVER, from Film Four Extreme. Well worth seeing. Hohum, It will be time for My Mad Mother, soon, but there's also FARSCAPE...
Saw some excellent Hallowe'en gear in ASDA. Those Big Mouth Demon masks are ace for £4. When I was a kid, anything remotely that good would have cost a fortune...Boy, have I missed out. Well, at least I could GO trick-or-treating without adult supervision, which really isn't on these days...
Christ, I'm still exhausted , and I went to bed at about 10 last night! I also have one of those weird -copper wire-tightening- around the left optic nerve-headaches. Oucha!

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