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Does anyone else keep getting friended by  strangely-LJ named  people whose posts are all in Russian? I've never done anything about it, as  I don't restrict my 'friends'; have never had any reason to. They stay on my list for a few months, usually, then are crossed out. It couldn't be some sort of viral thing, could it?

The scafolding is all gone from this floor now. It's less claustophoic, of course, and I'll be glad to be rid of all the builder crud and pigeon muck, bu tam  not looking forward to hot sun coming in full blast again. Meh.

The EASTENDERS  tragedy special was as Jacobean as  could be. ..
Three Butchers, Frank, Pat and Janine, have now been responsible for a vehicular death. Ronnie produced some impressive coluratura keenings over the corpse of her just-rediscovered daughter, drippy,damaged  Danielle, and Peggy's face virtually fell off.
Phil's ball-bearing eyes were shifting menacingly, and it looks like Archie may be about to get some kind of really  terrible comeuppance...Arf! 

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