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Grizzlings Du Jour...

It continues to rain stones on my poor lil' sis. She had to nurse my abusively demented mother for over two years, then go through the whole death, burial and probate gruesomeness, then clear the fermenting ruin of a house...Her marriage is basically kaput, but they can't afford to get divorced, and on Friday, she went blind in one eye, was rushed into surgery for a torn and detached retina, and now she sits, forbidden pretty much to move uneccessarily, while she waits to see if she's going  get any vision back. Oh yeah, she's in the USA, too, which means she's probably now in debt for about a million dollars for the op. Prayers and  rituals greatly appreciated from those who do them.

I didn't manage to force myself to the Thing, of course.No surprises there. From what photos I've seen, it looks awfully crowded, which is good, but not for crowd-phobics like moi. Also, it sounds as though the talks are still impossible to follow due to the crap equipment  and acoustics. Still, what reports I've read so far indicate people had fun, and there were folk in attendance I would have liked to  see. Oh well.
Hope everyone who did make it had an enjoyable and profitable day.

I'm greatly enjoying escaping into RED CARPETS AND OTHER BANANA SKINS  by the lusciously louche Rupert Everett. It's full of gossip, naughtiness and an appealingly wistful melancholy . He ritez veh gud, actually.

Oh yes, and thanks to LOST VOICES  on Radio 4, I've discovered  the very interesting poet and writer Rosemary Tonks. She's thought to be still alive somewhere, but in the 70's  she went all religous-fundamental ist and lives as a hermit, refusing to  communicate with anyone. Shame.

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