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8:30 AM Clinic...

Well, thank the gods it was at nearby St Thomas'. All a bit pointless, anyway. They're 'delighted' with my  low cholesterol levels, anyway, which I guess is nice. At least something's working properly.
I saw the excellent THERE WILL BE BLOOD, which is actually a rather weird film; not at all what I expected. The final scene was quite bizarre. Fab performances, too; Daniel Day-Lewis' premium quality ham, and  the more suble strangeness of Paul Dano as the creepy cleric. The non-professional little boy was very impressive, too.
Another heart-wrenching email from my sister. Everything is so terrible her end, and there's nothing I can do about it. After all the horrors she endured nursing my mother, it's just so cruel that she can't relax a bit and be happy now, without all these slings and arrows endlessly zapping. Oy!
I could really do without an evening of feckin' Comic Relief  and nothing else on TV,too. I need distraction.
Oh well, time for some tofu franks and beans, I think...

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