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Weird, heavy weather, and very quiet as if a thunderstorm was brewing. I slept late again, after staying up watching a dumb 'cult' film DEATH NOTE. It seems to be very popular with the teens, but I wasn't impressed, although I liked the lolloping god of death. The weirdest thing was the young antihero, who looked very disturbingly like a manga boy come to life. I 'm still not sure he wasn't CGI...If not, he must have had extensive surgery. Just not natural...
This week I also watched the flamboyantly mentalist CHEMICAL WEDDING, which featured Alesteir Crowley, Simon Callow chewing on Shakespeare,and  expelling litres of jism, Masons*, funny long-armed robot suits, and God knows what-all else. I  couldn't tell you what was going on, but it was watchable enough in its lunacy.
I'm still having trouble with the windows, and i feel like a mad, helpless old woman.

* Yay the Masons. All the men on my mother's paternal side were members, and my great-grandfather was the first grand master in Melbourne. I just wish they were as interesting as they're always made out to be...

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