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Wanna Change My Clothes, My Hair, My Face...

I am discontented...I'm having another one of my 'senior moments', and I'm convinced I'm getting dementia. I've misplaced a huge wodge of strips that i now need, possibly in the big black bag that's still 'lost'. Shriek...
The windows are sorted out, anyway. hope they stay fixed this time.
I did the supermarkets, and  just discovered I was overcharged £10 at ASDA. Good thing I had to caculate the cost of R's stuff, or I lazily wouldn't even have checked the receipt. Now I have to bloody go back there, though. Oh groan...
The  big Steve Ditko book arrived, and boy, it was worth the investment. LOADS of stuff I haven't seen, quite a bit of colour,etc. etc. My only complaint is I haven't seen any GORGO reproductions so far. Ditko gives brilliantly expressive dinosaur, sly grins, etc.

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