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Got To Keep On Dannnnncin'...

Actually, I was hoovering, while singing Winterreise snatches, with the odd Chewbacca imitation interloped, as you do, and all of a sudden there was bloody Renate peering through the glass in the the door, waving! (I know she saw the Chewbacca thing. Oh GOD !!! ).....She just wanted to talk actors & animals again, anyhow. I think she feels I (poor old soul-) need keeping an eye on, and my performance today would have convinced her! Still, I suppose it's good to know I won't be lying exploding, and everything, for too long, if I drop dead...
Not a terribly productive day, but rather pleasant. Got the place tidied up, and watched IVAN THE TERRIBLE,Part 2 for a while. That sudden eruption into colour with the leaping hordes of beautiful, sinister young men is still one of the best-ever movie moments.
I was looking at some of my old diaries as I moved them to a different cupboard. Jesus Christ, what a div. Really should burn that stuff, but I feel compelled to keep it for non-existent 'posterity'.
Must concentrate on EASTENDERS now. I read somewhere that Trevor and Tom will both snuff it this month (conflagration in 'Angie's Den'?), and Jamie cops it at Christmas.( Oh, noooooo! That's just too cruel to be true. Poor lil' Sonya!)

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