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So Dark and Delightfully Gloomy-

It felt like it was going to be bloody summer forever,and I can't get over it being proper autumn.
Looking at Damien Hurst and Keith Allen on the news, wanna bang their heads together, dreary little men. Mumble...
The drunk across the hall, freed of his dreadful bride and BooBoo, has painted his hallway white green and orange. Up the nutters! You gotta give the bloke credit.
Speaking of BooBoo, have just had a visitation from Renate, who says the aforementioned ultra-neurotic cat isn't settling too well at her daughter's, where they don't have the time to coddle her, and are out most of the day...Looks like she's coming back-Oh well, as long as I'm not stuck with her...R saw RED DRAGON last night,and was very impressed.She also gave me a rather nice fleece pullover that was left in the club where she works.Quite good quality. Nice! Further discussion of Messers Hopkins, Samel, and the intelligence of rats. As neighbours go,especially in this council sinkhole, I'm quite fortunate, touch wood.
Watched that BODILY HARM thing, with another great actor, Mr Spall, and it was just SOOO full of catastrophic tragedy that it was a bit like LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN. I sat there laughing. Then they came on all caring -voicey at the end, with the helpline numbers for people who have been simultaneously sacked, cuckolded and orphaned. Arf!

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