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Yes, Snow!...

Only about two inches, but  there is dead silence outside, no busses at all. some tube lines shut, etc. I don't see how i can get to the supermarket , which is a bit crap, as there's nothing to eat, really, except cereal. Oh well, I can cope.
It's nice to see real snow, but I wish there were a lot more, as it's causing so much inconvenience anyway. We might as well have had the full Christmas-card whack. It's been such a long time.
Watched Herzog's NOSFERATU, which I last saw when it came out. Very odd thing; almost painfully slow, yet hypnotically creepy. I wonder if the cast might have been under hypnosis?  The exaggerated silent-film acting style and makeup start to have a weird effect on you when you get used to them. Not for everyone, but an interesting curiosity.

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