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Meh, Bleh....

Lots of contractor activity right outside the windows today. Poor old R Next Door has finally resigned herself. They're 'doing' her Wednesday. She can't face it, (' My heart iss jumping, und my stomach iss wobbling...') so she's leaving the keys with me, and going off with Cat to stay at  the Dog-owner's place.
I haven't been posting much, as nothing much is happening, and I'm in a major 'my life is over' phase, which doesn't exactly make for edifying entries. The period around a birthday is always extra-gloomy for me, as Try as I may, I end up obsessing about what a big ol' wasted-life failure I am, wah wah wah...Even I think it's boring.
I was intrigued by the CBB results, with the strong favourite, Verne, coming fourth. (I queasily rather wish I hadn't seen him tongue-kissing that baby doll. The image is indelibly branded on my brain-)  and the evidently fairly unpopular Ulrika winning, with Terry Christian (my choice-) as runner-up. I don't understand how that  came about.
Five cars were broken into last week.(The council, in its wisdom, has cut the concierges' hours in half-)

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