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Confusion...Need Guidance

  I wonder if anybody has ever had painting & decorating 'done'? I don't know where to begin. I can't DIY this sort of thing any more, but I've never actually employed anyone to do it. I need old carpet taken up, and lino put down in three rooms. Three rooms have to be painted. I would also like cork tiles along two walls, and maybe shelves along another, if it doesn't cost too much. I've no idea how to go about all this. I'd have to have help moving the furniture, etc, too.I don't even know how to go about purchasing this stuff without a car. I guess these places deliver...
I'm sure this is quite incoherent. I need to try and unscamble it in my mind and get it done, somehow.
I may have just enough to equip myself with a good PC setup, too. I wanna Wacom wireless, a good printer/scanner/copier, every bell and whistle that peeps!  (The dreadful Heart Attack House has been sold-for about a third of what it would have gone for a few years ago, which wasn't much, as it's a semi-derelict heap - but hey ho!)

A very happy birthday to the estimable  royaltoots !  

I have been mostly gawping at particularly dumb stuff on TV this week.
The most supremely retarded one was probably SNAKES ON A PLANE. I particularly liked the end where they all went surfing.
Then I saw HOUSE OF WAX, which was totally chronic , apart from Paris Hilton getting a big metal pole through her bonce, and the rather impressive final conflagration.
I have also been dropping into the CBB house.. I know it's wrong, particularly for someone like me to say, but the sight of Verne Mini-Me nauseates me, and so does Tommy Politician's rampaging body hair. They are all wazzocks, too.(Michelele Heaton didn't know the meaning of 'pensive' or 'integrity'!)  The most bearable ones are actually Terry Christian, and LaToyah Jackson, who although she never rinses a mug in RL, seems surprisingly game,

I'm not saying anything about Obama, because there's just been too much blather, but yeah, it pleased me to see him taking over, and the venerable civil rights campaigner was cool. Rather lame poet, though.


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