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Woman Troubles!

On EASTENDERS, Uncle Charlie commented that the bipolar, and currently desperately depressed, Jean was a victim of "Woman Trouble". That was a term I heard whispered a lot in my childhood, and one of the many things that made the prospect of adulthood seem pretty grim.Fortunately I haven't heard it in getting on for fifty years, but it's evidently still in use in Walford.
I remember peering through the curtains when  Mrs McCarthy next door was bundled into an ambulance for Woman Trouble; it was kind of endemic.
Saw a strange curio on Film 4; THE THIEF, a cloak and dagger tale with no dialogue whatever, starring Ray Milland. It was actually pretty dull, but very stylishly noir, and it was nice to see the Manhattan of my childhood; the smoke-ring blowing Camel billboard, the automat, etc.
Another world...

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