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I've got the bad throat and the runny nose, and I'm all itchy!
I made it to Denmark Hill anyway. and discovered that it's actually quicker and much less dreary to go via the 176 at Trafalgar Square than  from Clapham Junction.
There were a lot of chubs there. They gave us forms to fill out and brochures to read, then the surgeon came and gave a slide lecture!
He seemed quite upront about the various pros and cons, and those who were still interested had to mark their forms and await the next appontment.
Watched PERSEPOLIS, which was indeed very good.
Checked out CCB again. It's unbearably tedious, even for me. The only hope is for the dreadful Coolio to send someone berserk, which may not take too long.
Also watched the rather pointless Hollywoodised SINGING DETECTIVE, which did provide Mr Downey with an opportunity to really let rip, and also featured Mr Northam's very presentable bare bum. (Pleasant thing of the day!)
Yesterday's pleasant thing was two very friendly, helpful men on the bus. One was a tough-looking black hoodie, who I was slightly scared to ask for information, but when I did, he smiled really radiantly and seemed delighted to help..

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