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What kind of Goth would you be?

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These things are often spookily 'accurate', in a very strange way...
Ha, it's really autumn, yes! Time for the clocks to go back, I keep sleeping in. ..And I'm starting to feel all 'romantic',which is a drag. Winter in my 'in love' time of year, and even now that I'm so old and hideous I can't even sustain a satisfactory casual setup with someone I don't particularly fancy, I still have this retarded Pavlovian urge to go all erotically demented, instead of just seeing reason and squatting back down on my gargoyle resignedly. Must be something in the planets...I was glad to see ol' Rygel got his end away on FARSCAPE last night, even if it was all a cruel deception-hey, and what was going on between Chiana and that hermaphrodite girlie?
I was waddling around behind the railway arches with my b&w throwaway camera today snapping the slimily atmospheric dystopian horrors in the rain.Excellent!

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