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Another Bad Year Bows Out...

I vowed I was  going to make 2008 a better year, somehow. Well, I blew that one; it's been pretty horribilus all the way.
For the cherry on top, I discovered that nearly £100 worth of gift book tokens I'd been hoarding for an orgy at Waterstones, are gorn.
I think they must have fallen out of their usually zipped-up hidey-hole in my wallet, at some point. I've searched all over, during my tidying  chores, but nothing...All I can do is whine to St Anthony, and/or  hope that at least they were found by someone who knows what they are, and will put them to good use. Bugger!
I'm now watching the most -annoying people in the world -show. I've also seen a very good Spanish Apocalypse flick; THE DARK HOUR; very creepy and poignant.
Fingers crossed now, for a  pleasant-as-possible year for everyone. The signs are against it, but ya never can tell...

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