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Lazy,Sleepy Day

In beached whale position in my broken rocking chair, watching TV, reading papers, eating discount strawberries & raspberries with non-dairy yoghurt (got it outa curiosity; sounds gross, tastes OK-)
That Saturday-long Photoshop class is toooo much; my 'brain was so loaded, it nearly exploded-'I feel like a div, but I suppose I'm holding my own-unless I blew everything by shutting the bloody mac down improperly !
They sure have some state of the art goodies there,BTW, nineteen-inch screens, heavyduty trick-playing scanners and printers, wacom tablets...Mmm, me want.
Saw this well-creepy film the other night, SEVENTH CONTINENT, about this very bland,well-off couple in Austria who for no apparent reason (apart from their excessive dullness-) killed themselves and their little kid. They destroyed all their belongings beforehand, including smashing a huge fishtank, and flushing vast amounts of money down the bog,(which was even more shocking than topping themselves,to me!) Evidently it was based on a real case. The incredibly brilliant Udo Samel had a small part. It's weird, that someone so gifted is barely known. Perhaps he's famous in German-speaking countries. He's definitely a good 9 out of 10 on the Nicholas Hope scale of unknown acting geniuses. Wish I could find out a bit more about him. Googling's not very productive.

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