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Still Wallowing In Filth...

Making some progress, though. I got the blinds down, but somehow doubt if they'll ever go up again.Well, they are ever so old and brittle, but of course, i can't afford to replace 'em. Fap.
I just hope the bloody workers turn up tomorrow and get it over with. I have a feeling that there may be more sickness, what with it being so close to Christmas, and all.
Saw IN BRUGES, which I think is tied for my Fillum of the Year with NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. It captures the place brilliantly; that weird combination of incredible beauty and cultural richness with a strange dullness that makes you quite glad you don't have to stay there for a long time. I remember it very vividly, actually, the boat ride, the chapel of the Holy Blood, and its tower, that I was , of course, too  scared to attempt. (My companion did, but didn't think it worth the effort!)  I seem to recall that to kiss the vial of blood, you didn't queue on a staircase, as depicted, but went up to the communion rail, where a priest  went along with it, wiping the glass after each smooch. I also had forgotten that it was supposedly Christ's blood, I remembered it  as being the oozings of some martyr, and always thought of it as The Bubbling Blood of St Athanasius. (It is supposed to miraculously liquefy every now and then-)
There were a couple of shots of the beguinage, and it was a shame they didn't go in and film the scary wax head of Christ crowned with thorns and bleeding away. Anyway, it was all  horribly hilarious, and  very well acted, even by Colin Farrell, who much as he irritates me as a rule, can really deliver when he has a mind to.

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