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Dust Devilment...

I'm giving up, now and I've only semi-tidied the bedroom!  The amount of sticky, sooty, wheeze-inducing dust is just unspeakable, I'm throwing a lot more stuff out, too. I've just got to. I wonder if I'll ever be able to get that lino, and have the place painted? *Sigh*
I've totally crapped out on my comic diary this month. I don't even know where my paper is. I just hope they really do finish this window business on Monday, so I can have some element of cosiness restored for my hermit's Christmas.
Watched KING OF NEW YORK last night. I'd seen bits and pieces of it, but never all at once. Plenty of the ol' ultra-violence, and quite watchable, but there was virtually nothing about the crimelord's background and how he became boss over all these black and Italian gangsters. Christopher Walken's hair, always a source of shock and awe, may have reached its apex of weirdness in this film. I mean, it can't be real, but it's sort of too unreal to be a wig...Fascinating, Captain...
I'm so annoyed about this 'Hallelujah' mania. A great song hasn't been so ill-used since 'Nessun Dorma' got World Cup fever. On the bright side,though, it should be a big help in restoring Uncle Len's pension fund.

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