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I continue frelled, and my sister seems to be constantly ill and miserable, too. I suppose it's partly due to the nonstop misery of the last few years, blah, blah. Depression really does sap you physically  to a shocking degree, and when you have 'real' ailments, too. Pfffft!
I did the supermarkets, tried to draw a bit, and that's about it.
I've done very little all week, but sloooowly try to move furniture, crates, etc. away from the windows for the installation next Tuesday. The whole thing really is a drag.
THE DEVIL'S WHORE was great rip-roaring fun. I shall miss it. Must say I feel like giving up on SURVIVORS, though. God, it's dull.
In my current bleak depression, I've been contemplating the End of the World even more than usual - I mean, plague lemmings of Kazhakstan!  Oh well, time to see what fresh horrors are on the news.
Oh yes, and I keep losing things. Things that I need, and that are fairly large and hard to lose...

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