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Freefloating Anxiety...

Got the glooms worse than usual... Largely my infirmities and the state o' the world. So much is so Wrong, I can't see it ever improving. The draconian benefits business, as usual, really vexes and unnerves me. Peter Lilley lives, it seems. The worst of it is the hypocrisy, not to mention the fact that there are going to be  a lot fewer jobs to force people into, and the government knows it well enough. Madness...
This whole 'underclass'/ 'welfare culture' thing is fascinating in a warped way. I have often noticed, in my not-particularly rough neighbourhood,that there are people ( on benefits or not, I  don't know-) who seem to never leave the area of the estate, even to bus (about 15 minutes tops, with decent traffic-) to the West End. They don't seem to have any interests, apart from the most basic, and I really believe some of them may be illiterate. There's one woman about my age, who just hangs around the poor concierge's cage most of the day, most days,  gawping and bitching at people,nothing else.
 jasonelvis  remarked last week that there are similar folk in his equally centralish hood, notably groups of hoodies who hang about the boring streets rather than move on to the rather more lively turf of WC2 to loiter. Weird...
Started trying to move bits of furniture away from the windows in anticipation of the Invasion of the Contractors. Ow. The place is so cramped there's nowhere to move it, really. I bloody hate mess. Everything looks so worn and filthy, too. Fap!

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