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Another Fine MCR....

I just wish I weren't so  absurdly feeble and knackered all the time. I invariably shuffle off after one Of Badass'  extravagant blowouts for a little dormouse-doze to revive myself, and end up in bed for the night at an absurdly early hour. This year's bedroom was amazingly warmish. I even kicked off my bedsocks. I did manage to drive my roomie to sleep on the sofa one night  with my nocturnal babbling, tooting and snoring, to my eternal mortification.( In fairness, though, I was having  a spectacularly fraught nightmare about homicidal gangsters getting on my case...)
It was lovely, as usual, to  join a nice bunch of comic folk lounging, writing and drawing, way out in the creepy country, with menacing cows performing sex acts under the window.
I believe this year's comic to be the best yet, quite possibly readable and enjoyable even to people who weren't there.
Thanks again tobadasstronaut for her scarily grown-up organisational skills, especially amazing cookery.(Mmm, apple cake...) and the intrepid jasonelvis , for granting me the brilliant luxury of a door-to-door  lift both ways, through crap weather, the eternally hideous London jams, and the fearsomely dark and foggy narrow roads in the boonies, with their looming werewolf-infested hedgerows.
Now I've had a good scrub, some Cherry Diet Coke and a sarnie, and I'm going to check out WALLENDER. Bliss.

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