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'They Fight, They Fight...'

I'm afraid it's a  symptom of increased brain softening...I seem to be developing a tolerance, of sorts, for those Itchy & Scratchy-style action/horror films I've always hated. I sat and watched UNDERWORLD 2 last night- straight through. It was a lot worse than the first one, which was shite, but I just sat there gawping  dozily. Must say the effects were still good. I love those flying vampires with stabby wings.
Hope Messrs  Nighy, Jacobi and Sheehan got nice, juicy cheques out  of it, too.
They've been painting the 'communal areas' , using the labour of ASBO children, I think, and so far, it looks like it. Wotta mess. The colours chosen are ridiculously impractical, too, but most tenants seem to have voted for them. Whaddyagonnado?
Well, maybe it won't look so bad when it's finished...assuming, please God, it isn't finished now.

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