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More Creepy Corporate Mascots...

Another one I  remember was the bug-eyed elf, in a 'soda-jerk' cap, that used  to adverise Breyer's ice cream. There was one picture of him in a magazine I was looking at, although I don't think I could read, at that point. He was floating in a starry sky, , smirkily pointing at a bottle of Coke, I suppose to suggest that you put his ice cream in it. I found this so terrifying that I couldn't look at it, and indeed, avoided that magazine, until it was thrown out.
It's strange how many of these things are alarming...Ronald McDonald, the horrific Burger King, the Tango Attacker... The latest is this weird ventriloquist dummy.( Is it supposed to be Barry White reincarnated?) 
 Like clowns, dummies are scary in themseves. but this one pops up in your bathtub and leers 'Goo-ood!'  Yow, I don't want his pizza!  The toilet paper tycoon baby kinda creeps me out as well.
I think apart from the Horn Paint guy, I was most afraid of the Medusa Cement gorgon. When we moved from Brooklyn to Long Island, among the bits left behind by previous occupants was a half-full bag of the stuff under the cellar stairs.There was an unscary classical head of Medusa on the front, but I reckoned that if anyone dared to peer inside, wham! instant petrification. Sometimes, I thought I saw something moving inside...

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