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Hmmm, I think I'm really schizotypal, but according to that giant test I took once, I'm just about everything!
I've actually got a lot of tidying-up and sorting done. Also downloaded the trial PHOTOSHOP properly, from a different URL, thanks to Mr King Rat. Duh, I never even thought of trying that..Why am I still so computer-witless after all this time?
Watching FAT FRIENDS ,which is actually kinda creeping me out; reminds me of when that bloke used to abuse me at the theatre. He got sacked in the end, but not by me! The reason they finally got rid of him was that he started trying his tricks on employees they actually valued. It was a great day when he went, anyhow; escorted out of the building by massive 'security' staff, etc. Weirdly, his persona was JUST like Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Lecter. He arrived in my life a few months before that film came out; hence rendering it one of the most bloodcurdling films I'd ever seen, at that point. I just flipped, when he first appeared ,and spoke..."Ahhhhhhh! It's RJ!" Everyone else saw the truly startling likeness, too -except the bosses, or maybe they never went to the pictures.Ah, memories- Still wonder why he hated me so much; tried to get me arrested and all sorts-
Most curious performance at the Tory Conference by Mr. Duncan-Smith, a bit like Alistair Cooke singing an aria...
This is really yesterday's entry, but it went all peculiar; dunno how to describe it and not very interesting, anyway...
I meant to go and get my flu jab today, but think I can't be arsed, really. Next week.
I have never been to Tate Modern. I really should do that. Shameful, really. I'm incoherent...Need more coffee, ready-brek, too...

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