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Transport Grumble...

I decided to shop at the big Sainsbury's in Ladbroke Grove, for a bit of an 'excursion'(!) and to buy some of their cheapish brushpens, which are better than Crayola, IMO. I waited ages for a 452, then it only went as far as Notting Hill, where everything's all dug up and a total mess, because of some 'emergency gasworks'. It's pretty impossible to do anything, around there, and evidently will be until at least  December 10. I had a browse in the Book & Comic Exchange,but didn't buy anything, then ended up going home via Tottenham Court Rd  (Is it an old age thing, or do the Oxford Street Christmas windows, etc. get duller every year?)
Couldn't be arsed to do the supermarket trawl after that, so I just went home with a baguette from a corner shop.
I then discovered that the contractors had turned the water off, and the toilet wasn't flushing. It's back on now, thank the gods.
Boring, very boring...
Except for the dream I had about a colossal Grace Jones wading in the Thames near the power station,making a noise like a foghorn and  terrorising the populace. That wasn't boring at all.

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