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Election Fever...

I don't think I ever remember anything like this, even when JFK was elected. Ordinarily, I'm quite indifferent to politics, and  while I always vote, it's pretty much without any real hope of positive change.
Obama just doesn't seem like a politician, though. Although brain tells me differently, heart is seduced by his heroic charisma and oratory. Plus, he *is* a 'liberal' with 'socialist' tendencies, scary as a lot of US voters find that. I just hope and pray that it all works out in his favour. He may not be able to accomplish all he promises, but at least he offers hope.
I won't feel safe until it's definite, though. I can think of several times when I went to bed confident that 'my' candidate had it in the bag, but  woke up to some gobsmacking rightwing horror show. Sooo, all digits plaited...


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