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Hospital Again...

Whew... Another bloody hospital appointment down.I had the whole morning to have nervous breakdowns, which was a drag. In the event, though, it wasn't that bad. The harp girl was serenading in the waiting room again, and her first number was the Barcarole from HOFFMANN. I thought 'I'm saved.' ...
I didn't even have a long wait. It was all pretty straightforward, just a -lie on the table and have jelly and electrodes or whatever they are put on you-job. He said my heart's a bit fast, probably partially from The Fear, but seems to be generally in good order. Thank the gods, and everyone who sent me good vibes.
Now I feel very grateful.
I'm sitting here shivering in five layers now. I have to have the window open in this room, as well, because of the stench of my old journals. What can you do about that mildewed-book smell? Not much, I guess.

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