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Still trying to make it to mid-November without switching the heat on, but it's getting damned difficult. There was actually a bit of snow/frost on the ground early this morning.
I'm quite enjoying Carlie Brooker's horror romp DEAD SET on E4. Zombie Davina is an instant classic.
What is all this Brand/Ross madness? I didn't hear the actual R2 broadcast that all these (18,000?!) people are foaming about, but it just seems silly. Why would they pick on poor old 'Manuel' Sachs' answerphone to put rude messages on, anyway? Damn fools...but perhaps not as foolish as the 'listeners' who probably never heard it, getting all hot under the collar, yowling for the bad boys to be sacked, etc.
Got my flu jab over with, but tomorrow is the scary echocardiogram. (sweats profusely-) All good vibes, prayers, etc. much appreciated. I'm quite poorly enough, now, thanks, Fortuna...
A huge box (two more to come!) of old diaries and stuff shipped by my sister (This is gonna cost me bigtime!) arrived yesterday. The mildewy smell has taken over the flat. Oh well, at least I know where it's coming from, unlike the other strange stench I've had in here for months (Dead rat in the U-bend or something?)
I skimmed over a few of the musty volumes. I was indeed one very sick pup, but it's not as scary as I'd feared it might be.Kid Lee just seems an altogether different being. God knows where I'm gonna put all this stuff, now...

And a very jolly birthday to Paul Gravett, longtime benevolent  megapresence in the UK comics world; curator, writer, organiser and general untiring and admirable guy.


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