Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


HEROES has become totally incomprehensible, but I'm still enjoying the ride, much more than last season, anyway.
Bubbles, disconceringly, has turned up in Hero-land. He was stun-gunned by Claire, and eventually sucked into his own Vortex of Oblivion, although I wouldn't be surprised to see him again...The dreaded Marlo is also running around loose,and Hiro has dug up that extremely tedious baddie he buried alive in  Season Two. Bad idea...
Another actor whose generally lauded sex appeal I can't fathom is the giant-headed  'Sylar' guy, who looks to me like an Easter Island Moai with unfeasably huge mutant eyebrows. Weird.
It was a totally beautiful crisp autumn day. I would have loved to be out on the common with the dogs, but my knees and back just aren't having it. *sigh*...not to mention  that  I'm still coughing hard enough to propel myself backwards, now and then.

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