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The Dead Do Not Crave Pizza...

...So I guess my condition is improving. I was coughing half the night, though, had a nosebleed and couldn't go back to sleep, etc. etc. My throat feels considerably better, though.
I faffed timidly with the Tax Return. I'm sure I'm not doing it right, and I don't see how I can be taxed on such a very weeny state pension, anyway, but I'm just over the line. Typical.
Desperate for some unreality to escape into, I dragged out an old VHS of John Schlesinger's sumptuous TALES OF HOFFMAN from back in '81. God, everyone looks  sooo young. It's still a splendid production. I've felt a strong identification with the character of Hoffman since childhood, and it's certainly worked out that way...Idealistic  but feckless young artist becomes a serial fall guy and loser at lurve, ends up a jaded, isolated figure, with only substance abuse and  the last fantasy of artistic accomplishment to sustain him...*Sigh*. Well, i guess it's everyone's story, really, and a cracking good show.

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