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I'z Stil Sik....

Waah...the throat thing is really owie, especially when you're coughing violently. Gak!
In a just world, I could have sent Jeremy Northam out for ice lollies, newspapers and DVDs, while Liam Neeson administered a vigorous  foot massage and Julian Barratt  did  chilled-cologne-to-temples duty, while making me giggle.
As it was, I just flopped miserably like Job on his dunghill, and groused.And snezed. And hacked and spewed until I pissed myself...There was nothing to watch, either, but the one  recorded film I had left , which was only THE SEA INSIDE!  It was excellent, but hardly the sort of thing you need in my condition. Tears were jerked.
I still managed my crap toons, though they're even cruder than usual. Hup!
I don't think I'll be fit to emerge tomorrow, even, at this rate, but luckily R Next Door is going to LIDL, and will pick up some bits for me.
Boy, if you haven't got this bug already, stay well, well away from all those people who are coughing .
Jump off the bus, run out of the waiting room; it ain't werf it...

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