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Too Much Information?...

I had to schlep back to the damn hospital today with a big  jug containing all the urine I'd  produced in the last 24 hours!
Somebody was giving an electric harp concert when I hobbled in to the lipid clinic; lots of 'old standard' smoochy tunes to soothe the crabbily waiting hordes. They do try, bless 'em...
Whatever they're giving the David Tennant clone on reception, I wish they'd prescribe some for me. He seems continually chirpy and considerate, even when the pissed-off proles are being very stroppy. A lot of the attendees seem quite cantankerous, too. The long waits don't help.
Heh! Two more rental DVDs of THE WIRE season 5 arrived today. I have to try and watch slowly, as there won't be any more..The tiny, baby-faced assassin Snoop and her sidekick Chris seem to be more to the fore, at the moment; so many great, great characters- My main man Bubbles is soldiering on, I'm glad to see, but oh Lordy, look at the state of poor McNulty!

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