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Not Funny...

I look at LITTLE BRITAIN every now and then,  to see if it's still  as lame, and it always is. I rather like Vicky Pollard, but most of the characters have no appeal, the jokes are infantile, ( I love infantile, but prefer it BOOSH-style-) drawn out to excruciating length, and just repeated week after week in slightly  different settings. It's crap. How is it that everyone thinks it's so funny and clever? The apparently great sex appeal of David Walliams also eludes me completely. I think he's better as a straight actor, as he gives good  inscrutable-creep. Fancying-wise, I think if I had to stalk one of them, and if he were gurl-orientated, I'd prefer Matt Lucas!
I have to get up early and spend all morning on a coffee-less stomach in St Thomas 'lipid centre'. I guess they have to see if I have diabetes or anything, before I advance further on the WLS trail. I'm not even sure I want to go through with it. Eep.
Thought on facial foliage: WHY do men ever wear moustaches?  I watched AN IDEAL HUSBAND on Film Four the other night, for Jeremy Northam-ogling purposes, only to find his beauty blemished by an under-the-nose caterpillar. (Rupert Everett, at least, remained undisfigured-) Julian Barratt is similarly hottness-impaired by the Mexican-bandit look he favours these days. A moustache and  beard may sometimes be OK, but at the moment, I can't think of any man evah looking sexy in a  plain moustache of any sort. So there.
Oh, my HC2  certificate arrived without further interrogations. Whew, now I can go back to just fretting over the tax form, the end of civilisation as we know it, and my usual trunkload of obsessive frets.

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