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Autumn Clearout...

It actually does feel like autumn, at last. Hope it stays this way. I schlepped a big bin liner full of stuff to the Mind Shop down the road (...and came back with 2 books...)
Still fucked, as far as the Photoshop goes. A new, cheap internet cafe, and pc shop has opened up directly oposite my flat. That will be handy. Doesn't make up for the closed post office, and the closed launderette,of course, but it's cool.
I got a huge load of cat litter, tinned goods, cereal, etc. delivered from Sainsbury's to take advantage of their current discount vouchers, free deliveries, etc. I've got about 500 loo rolls, and feel very pleased with myself. I could stay indoors for WEEKS now, no problemo -
Feck! I see the lovely 'MikeyVillain' has given up his LJ. Bummer, I really liked him.
I can't remember what It was, but I had a dream about Prince Charles last night; all I'm sure of is that it was very weird...
I've started reading STEPPENWOLF again. I was a big Herman Hesse enthusiast as a young 'un, and wondered if I'd still like him. So far, big yes!

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